Renal Health Supplements

Helps in the Elimination of toxic materials from the body & constitutes kidney, bladder, ureter & urethra. Disorders are Glomerulonephritis, Acute kidney failure, Kidney stones.

Daily Detox Tea

» Enables liver detoxification and
reduces chances of fatty liver
» Detoxifies whole body
» Prevents water retention
» Improves digestion
» Anti-inflammatory & anti-allergic
» Promotes healthy renal functioning

Nephrogold Tablets

» Supports healthy urinary flow
» Removes nitrogenous waste material
from body and kidney stones
» Flushes kidney waste, toxic materials
and lowers urinary oxalates
» Maintains volume of body fluids
thereby regulating blood pressure
» Soothes the urinary system
» Acts as a tonic for Kidneys and
improves renal health