Skin, Nail, Hair Health

Our Skin is one of the largest organs of the body, it regulates the body temperature and serves as a natural barrier which protects the internal organs. It is in a constant state of repair and growth as cell renewal takes place constantly. Healthy skin staves off infections, ageing and heals much faster. Adequate nutrition, hydration and proper skin care are a few ways for vibrant and beautiful skin.

Nails are a part of the body which are given lesser importance but have unique functions just like other parts. Without nails it would be tough to control annoying itch and to pick up anything. They help us in many tasks and also protect our fingers and toes from any kind of infection which makes maintaining nail health is equally important. They get prone to fungal infections easily and people suffering from diabetes need to give special attention to their nails.

Hair carries social and cultural significance and form a significant part of a person’s looks. People who suffer from hair loss or baldness experience discomfort and might even feel embarrassed. Voluminous, strong hair without any premature greying is also a sign of good health.